Mommy Daughter Pedi’s

To kick off Mother’s Day weekend, Alayna and I decided we needed some Mommy Daughter time.

It’s been a wonderful blessing being the Mom of 2 boys, but it’s also been really great being the Mom of a little girl. And let me tell you, this girl is ALLLL girl! 🙂 The more glitter, tiaras, ruffles, pink, beaded, sparkly, and poofy the better!! LOL!!!

So for our one on one time, we chose to get pedicures!! Alayna has never had one and I get one ‘maybe’ once a year. It was a fantastic treat for the both of us!

Sitting like such a big girl. She chose purple to match her outfit….of course! 😛

Laney took this picture all by herself. I think for 3 years old she did pretty well! 🙂

Two girls painting the town together!

The finished product!
We had a great time chatting and giggling while we were pampered this afternoon. It was the perfect way to start out Mother’s Day!

Thank you sweet girl! 😀


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