What is your story?

Recently I read a quote by a famous man in history. He said, “If you hear a voice within you saying ‘I am not a painter,’ then, by all means, paint…and that voice will be silenced.”
-Vincent van Gogh

I LOVE this!! How exciting is it sisters that we have the ability to choose our “story”? Heavenly Father has made every opportunity available to us to become whatever we choose. To make our lives whatever we want out of them no matter our circumstance. It is simply up to ‘us’ to write our own history.

“Most people wait for their excitement or story to happen. They take a ticket and wait. For something. For someone. They sit staring at their ticket, waiting for some factor outside of themselves to call them and get them excited. Someday my prince will come. Some good fortune. My company might give me something exciting to work on.

But excitement doesn’t work that way. Excitement is an ‘inner’ phenomenon. It starts inside, not outside. People released from solitary confinement get excited about seeing the sun shine. Or seeing a bird in a tree. People who find a new job get excited just driving to work on their first day. Just driving to work excites them! Their excitement is created by their perspective. Their excitement is based on how they are seeing things. And how they see things, depends on the lens they are wearing called the story of them.” (“The Story of You”, Steve Chandler)

As we strive to write our story not only for our posterity, but for ourselves, I ask that you turn to our Heavenly Father who knows us best of all. He knows our strengths, talents, and abilities….he knows our weaknesses, heart aches, and struggles. He knows each one of us personally and individually and He is there to help us to write our BEST SELLER!!

Anything is possible through our Lord…I can’t wait to read your final copy!

Excitedly Yours,
Vanessa Kitch

(Written for Catalina Ward R.S. Presidency’s April Message)

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