Snow Trip

Our really great friends the Pace’s were extremely kind and let us use their wonderful cabin up in Overgaard, AZ for the weekend!! It was an AMAZING family trip we had sooo much fun! 🙂

We drove up Friday morning and we hung around the cabin and played for the day.

Mmmmm…Icicle! 🙂

Laney was having a blast playing in the small amount of snow that was on the front porch! It doesn’t take much to impress these Arizona kids! 😛 LOL!

Our “Family Pictures”! 😀 (hehehehe)

The 2nd day we headed over to a little park to find some more snow. There wasn’t much there but more than was at the cabin.

Look at those boys using team work!

Me ‘n Laney
After we played at the park for a while we found a hiking trail and went on a hike. The kids found enough to attack dad in a snowball fight! 🙂

Dad tried his best to retaliate. 🙂

Run Laney Run!!!! (she didn’t run fast enough…Dad got her good! :P)

The kids LOVE to eat the snow.

Chomp, chomp, chomp! LOL!!
We left the hiking trail and park behind and went in search of even better snow. We found IT! 🙂 This place was PERFECT! The snow was so soft, deep, and exactly what you need to to make a snowman…

Dad working his snowman making magic!

Walker is King of the Hill!

Check it out!!!

I told Jared it would be really cool if he could make a Mickey Mouse Snowman….he’s got some major sculpting skills. It turned out GREAT!!!! 😀

We did make a fatal mistake trying to take Mickey back to the cabin with us. He was insanely heavy and once we were able to budge him off the ground his head fell off and well…he was a gonner! LOL! Poor Mickey R.I.P. 😛

Mickey Mouse!

I was walking over to take some pictures of the kids playing and sledding and the snow was so deep that I took a step and I fell waist deep into it. Luckily I still have some of my old dance moves and saved the camera from being destroyed…..:P

Sammy had the time of his little life! I think his feet might have gotten frost bite but he didn’t care! He was in doggie heaven!!!

The 3rd Day we found this awesome hill that Walker dubbed “Mount Wannahockaloogie” (you know..from Finding Nemo…he cracks me up!)

Eli testing out his snowboarding techniques….

Talk about heaven. Eli was our inspiration for this trip. He’d been wanting to go for months. If you want to make this kid’s day…take him out to play somewhere, anywhere, anytime, anyplace!!! 😀 He loves to play!!!!

Walker climbing Mount Wannahockaloogie…

This mountain was steeper than this picture seems. The kids decided to give it a test run before Jared and I were able to reach them, and before we knew it the 3 of them were screaming with delight until someone leaned and all 3 were ejected! Alayna got the worst of it and cut her lip. Poor thing…I did finally get her to try it again with Mommy steering. I was proud of her for trying again…:)

Jared and Eli decided to give it a go and Jared too became a victim of Mount Wannahockaloogie…LOL!

Even though there were some cuts and scrapes it was a wonderful vacation. Sometimes getting away from all the hustle and bustle is just what you need!

Our deepest Thanks to the Pace Family! 🙂


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