Jack- Pot!

I “L-O-V-E” it when something at first seems like it’s going to be a challenge turns into a great blessing!!

You see, the boys love piano…and I of course love that they love piano!! But in the past few years we’ve been going through teachers like flies cuz they keep getting married and moving away on us! LOL!! Good for them … not so good for us having to find replacements. I guess that’s what you get when you hire really cute, smart, religious girls that just graduated High School! 🙂

So this week I’ve been on the “hunt”. I’m happy to report we will be using one of my good friends from church. She’s already married so I’m hoping to stick with her a while. Hahaha! Best of all..she lives in my neighborhood so the boys can just ride their bikes over to her house. But even better than all that…she will be saving us $$ on lessons!!! WoooHoooo!!! I can’t tell you how happy that makes me! It’s like I hit the jackpot!

Happy Day! 🙂


  • Anonymous

    Walker started in Kinder..but his lessons weren't really consistant until 1st grade. We started Eli this yr. in 1st grade. I think that's a good time to start them. They've had a yr. of kinder. They know all their letters, numbers and have practice with sitting still and listening to instruction for set periods of time. You'll be AMAZED at how fast they pick it up and start playing actual music! LOL!

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