Where is my Zip?

As each year passes I seem to be noticing a pattern. A pattern I REALLY don’t like and I’m not 100% sure what to do about it…. From about Thanksgiving til Valentine’s Day I hit a funk. All ambition and drive goes out the window. Productivity hits a low, diets totally busted, and just an overall feeling of ‘Blah’.

I thought this year I was going to master this demon. I did better than I did last year. But it still got the better of me…just a little bit later than usual. Is it the change in weather? The holidays? Stress? I don’t know…

What I ‘do’ know, is I need my Zip back! If you find it…please tell it to come home ASAP…we need to have a chat!!


  • Rachel

    Umm…B vitamins, non fat snacks so you don't feel guilty (I like Trader Joe's Pound Plus, one square per day and my favorite teas). It's probably commitment overload from the numerous holidays, and the fact that we are supposed to "hibernate" more in the winter. We just don't like to (that's why it gets dark more = sleep more) 😉 I'm in the funk too!

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