R.S. Christmas Dinner

As a part of my new calling as Relief Society 2nd Counselor, I’m over the Home Family and Personal Enrichment Committee (recently changed to Relief Society Meeting).

We decided to have a program that focused on bringing Christ back into Christmas. We had one of the women read from the Bible the story of Jesus’ birth. As she read each part, she added a piece to the nativity scene. There were musical numbers that intertwined through out the narration and the Spirit was so strong.

We also had the High Priests serve the women dinner. Several of the Committee members set a table with their own dishes, stemware, and silverware..the tables were gorgeous!

The night was a great success and I felt so proud to be able to be apart of it! Here are a few images from that night…


These plaques were given to each of the women as a gift.

A lot of thought and care went into each table that was set.

My table. 🙂

It was so generous of the women to volunteer their best tableware for the evening.

Their generosity was amazing, and only added to the atmosphere that evening! 🙂

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