Happy 3rd Birthday Alayna!

Time goes by so fast! Our baby girl had her 3rd birthday party on Saturday. How did the past 3 years go by so quickly??

This is how I remember her..so tiny, beautiful and precious. 🙂

I guess they can’t stay that way forever..sigh…

I am not too sad though..I am looking forward to the future. She is becoming her own person and is certainly FULL of opinions, ideas, and giggles! It’s wonderful watching her discover new things. The the world around her has so much to offer her. Having a girl has been a big change and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to raise her and enjoy the frilly things in life. 😀

She is very creative and we continually find her “creativity” around the house. She’s painted the dog pink, the bathroom cabinets with toothpaste, she’s painted herself blue, and so many other art pieces I can’t list them all. To help channel all of this energy we signed her up for a Mom and Tot Preschool class through the City…that has been a huge help! 🙂

So on to the party…Every year I make a cake for each of the kids that represents a hobby, passion, or something they like. This past year was the year of the “dress”. Alayna would wear a dress every single day if she had her way. She loves to twirl around like the Princesses on the movies and dance with her Prince (Usually Daddy). So it was only fitting that I make her a Dress Cake for her birthday! 🙂

Front of the dress

Back of the dress
We invited our family and friends to celebrate Alayna’s big day. This was the 1st year for her where she understood what it meant to have a party. She was extremely excited to have everyone come and dote on her.

Cousin Natalie

Charlie is her BFF from church..Sammy didn’t want to be left out either. 🙂

A year ago I got this cool candle from one of our friends but never used it. I thought we could use it for Alayna’s bday this year. However, I had no idea that it was an “extreme” candle…LOL!!

Once it was lit it played “Happy Birthday to You” and nearly burned off my eyebrows! Alayna was pretty scared by the blow torch blasting from her cake….LOL!!

I guess I thought it was pretty funny…I’m cracking up pretty hard!

It really was cool. Once the torch died down a bit it opened up and had a candle on each pedal of the flower and rotated around. It was the highlight of the party!!! LOL!

Everyone sung “Happy Birthday”…..

And by then Alayna’s fears subsided and blew out all those candles like a champ! 🙂

Make a wish!
Daddy was having a blast helping her open her gifts! I think he enjoyed it more than she did! 😛

This monkey card was a hit. She thought they were pretty cute! 😀

It was a great party and she was so thrilled her family and friends were there just for her!!!

Happy Birthday baby girl! 🙂

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