Happy Halloween!

This year the kids really got into the Halloween Spirit! 😛 We went to a Halloween Party, they had parties in their classes at school, we went to Trunk-or-Treat at the church, and then they went Trick-or-Treating with their friends!!!

Let’s just say I have WAY more candy than anyone needs laying around the house!! LOL! 😀

Eli is the Ghoul, Walker is the Mobster, Alayna is the Candy Corn Witch, and Sammy just snuck into the picture..lol! 😛

The Oogie Boogie Man! We love “The Nightmare Before Christmas”! 🙂 I carved this one…

Hot Head…Jared carved this one! 🙂

A few more pics of the kids in their costumes!! 🙂

Happy Halloween!!!

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