Passing the “Nerd” Torch….

Let me start by saying when I met Jared in High School I knew he was a nerd. It was actually one of the biggest qualities about him that drew me to him. However, I didn’t really know the ‘full’ extent of his nerdiness until after we starting dating and he would ditch me to hang out with his friends to play Dungeons and Dragons, or other role playing games! 😛

Fast forward 16, years and our boys are now 6 and 9 years old. Jared STILL games once a week with those SAME nerdy friends, and now it is time to pass the torch to our boys…..

Walker and Eli invited all their pals over on Saturday to have a D&D gaming session with Jared as the DM, (Dungeon Master…basically the person who tells the players the ‘storyline’ of the adventure) and we invited one other Dad to come along to help everyone learn how to make characters. There is A LOT to this gaming thing!! 😛

As with all get -to- gethers there are lots of snacks and drinks. 🙂

Here they are focusing really hard on what attributes, skill level, strength, race, charisma, class, etc, etc…. they each will be.

Everyone had a GREAT time!! And it appears this will be a regular Saturday NERDfest at the Kitch house! 😛

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