So yesterday I was having a major hankerin‘ for some homemade chocolate chip cookies. I posted a little update on my Face Book page and to my delight and surprise one of my best girlfriends imparted her cookie recipe treasure with me! 🙂

Don’t these look AMAZING?!

Would you like the recipe?

I know you do!!! 🙂 I’m going the cheaters way and hopefully you all can read the recipe from the photo. If not..I will type it out for you..but hopefully you can whip out your magnifying glasses and read it. 😛

Some extra tips for this recipe:

Use Dove dark chocolate squares instead of semi-sweet chocolate chips. I know..I say…”I don’t like dark chocolate.” Well either do I but they are FABULOUS in these cookies! And as my sweet friend describes it…they make these wonderful “chocolate bombs” in your cookie!

Also substitute the walnuts for toasted pecans…walnuts are just yucky. However, my friend thinks she likes them in this particular cookie. You be the judge! 🙂

Or just do without the nuts altogether as I did with this batch. I think it’s going to be pretty tough to not like this cookie no matter what you do.

But PLEASE..PRETTY PLEASE….follow the directions EXACTLY. I cannot be responsible for a cookie disaster because of failure to follow the directions. 🙂

Enjoy! I did!
Thanks Jill! 😀


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