Howdy Y’all!!

We went to Texas for The Taylor Family Reunion from June 10th-16th. Jared’s Mom and Step-Dad have retired on the farm in Vandyke that her parents worked as peanut farmers and where she was born. We had such a great time!

We flew into Austin so we could visit our close friends Dave, Angela and Issac Adams. It was great to spend time with them before we headed up to the farm. We ate at this great restaurant called “The Oasis” and I had the most amazing grilled tilapia with mango glaze…mmmm…I need to go back to see them again so I can have it again. It was DELICIOUS!

They have a park there that is on the lakes edge..can’t remember the name of the lake. We took a stroll down there and people were snorkeling and boating and having lunch. It’s definitely different from Arizona. I guess they have lots of little places like this all over.

On the 11th we left Austin after we had our amazing lunch to see the family. I have an entire saga story about a little town called Goldthwaite. Let’s just say..we almost died in that town!!!

But as you can see we didn’t die….this pic was actually taken on our way home. This is NOT what it looked like on our way there. Picture the sky blacker than midnight black and a storm like non other you have ever experienced!! It was straight out of that show “Storm Chasers”.

This little sign is right before the dirt road you turn on to get to the farm. We always tell everyone his parents live in’s actually Vandyke..but since Vandyke doesn’t even have a post office we say Comanche. Did I confuse anyone? 😛

It’s hard to read because of the trees..but it says, “Welcome to Comanche..Country Living at it’s Best!”

Alayna and her Daddy happy to be together!

The tire swing was a big hit with everyone. I’m pretty sure out of the 20+ people there…everyone took a turn on it! 😀

I just ADORE Daddy’s and their little Princesses!

My handsome boy!

Our nephew Jake and Walker carrying in the harvest from Mamaw and Pampa’s garden!

After all that hard work we needed some lunch so we all went to “Country Pickens Cafe”.

Let me just tell you a little bit about Texas in the summer after it rains….. HUMIDITY!!!! Not just regular humidity where you are sticky. It’s humid like your clothes and hair never dry. You feel like you are breathing liquid air. It makes you feel like you can’t catch your breath. It’s nasty! Then you go to a restaurant that has NO a/c..the fans aren’t even running, my kids are crying cuz they feel sick to their stomachs. So we do what any city family would do. Sit in the car while dad waits for the order to take it back to the house! 😀

The food was really good though. Those Southerners know how to cook!

We had to take some time and cool off in the pool. Alayna’s Pampa called her The Mermaid..she never wanted to get out!

Eli’s turn on the ol’ tire swing!

This Jared’s sister Julie affectionately called…. “Farm Art”. 😛

A trip to the Farm wouldn’t be complete with out trying your hand at archery.

Walker getting pointers from his Great Uncle Rick. Rick is an amazing man. He just embodies everything you think a country man would be. Love you Rick!

Dad showing off his skills.

My Eli…let me tell you about my Eli. I think he died and went to heaven when we went to Texas. This boy would have stayed if we would have let him. He is my outdoor adventurer. He ate it up!!!

How cute is that little girl? Let me just say..Daddy showed her how and then that little stinker started shooting them on her own!

The country life suits her!

On Sunday we took time to take some group pictures. This is always a challenge with so many families and personalities. I think I took over 20 takes of just this pose and the 2 I’ve chosen as the best are still not what I was hoping for. But…that’s how it goes!

Mamaw LOVED the bandannas so we obliged her.

This is everyone without.. 😛

Barbra Taylor who is Mamaw (Rita Taylor-Lows sister-in-law) with her son Rick Taylor (Rita’s nephew) in front of the tree they planted in memory of their husband and father Sherl Taylor. (Rita’s brother).

Our oldest niece Nicole Harris-Baker and husband Shawn Baker.

2nd child: Jeff Kitch and wife Monse Wallace-Kitch. Their sons from left to right Jacob and Jared A. Kitch.

1st child: Jonita Kitch-Harris, husband Allen Harris, daughter on the left Michelle Harris, daughter on the right Nicole Harris-Baker, husband on the right Shawn Baker.

3rd child: Julie Kitch-Wallace, on the left son Joe Wallace, on the right son Luke Wallace.

Beautiful Family!

Sweet Moments….Joe will be joining the Marines in October.

The woman who made this all possible! She is an example to us all. We love you Mom!!

Rita Faye Taylor-Lows and her man Rich D. Lows! A.K.A Mamaw and Pampa…

The cousins!

Back row left to right: Jared A. Kitch, Joe Wallace, Luke Wallace, Alayna Kitch, Shawn Baker, Nicole Harris-Baker, Carlos Alcala.

Front row left to right: Eli Kitch, Walker Kitch, Jacob Kitch, Natalie Alcala, Michelle Harris.

4th child: Jennifer Kitch-Alcala, husband Marcos Alcala, Son Carlos Alcala, Daughter Natalie Alcala.

Jen and her big boy Carlos.

Beautiful Ladies!! 🙂

Something must happen in the country….they get “mean”!! LOL! I guess that’s what you get Jared for being the rotten little brother. 😛

The 5 J’s….

Jared, Jeff, Jen, Julie and Jonita.

Mom sure has a LOT of faith in her kids!!

5th child: Jared E. Kitch, wife Vanessa Morrison-Kitch. Awe….aren’t we sweet? 🙂

Walker Kitch..our 1st child. Heart of gold.

Eli Kitch. Our 2nd child. Full of life and adventure.

Alayna Kitch. Our 3rd child. Our show stopper princess!

The 3 musketeers!

Mamaw and Alayna at the Lake.

Catch some big bugs Alayna…

Jen and Natalie playing in the water.

Classic Pic..

I love those cheeks!!! 😀

Alayna and me posing on the boat. Well..I’m trying to get her to pose with me…LOL!

This is hysterical to me!!!! They must get it from their Dad! 😛

Now for all those naughty cowboys Mamaw in her wisdom created a jail. I think this was the most adorable thing ever! 🙂

Yup..she’s naughty!

They are both definately naughty!

I don’t know why I love this picture of Eli so much…I think it’s because he looks like he is in total BLISS!!! Ahhh…the life of a cowboy!

This kid looks guilty!

Too cute!

The way newlyweds should handle every argument….LOL!

Come on…this is hilarious!

Our beautiful neice Michelle.

Luke taking his turn on the tire! 🙂

Who doesn’t love a good s’more??? He makes it look sooooo yummy!

All good things must come to an end….

It’s tough to say Good-Bye.

This was the guest house one of Rita’s friends (Nancy & Gerald)let us stay at. It was so wonderful to have our own space. She named it “The Hen House”. I thought that was funny. The women have all their “getogethers” there. She has it decorated with chickens, and roosters inside.

See y’all in 2 years!!!


  • Jill Ison

    wow vanessa those pictures are beautiful. i mean it they're really good. lots and lots of feeling to them. looks like you guys had a wonderful time. and might i say you are looking good!

  • Katie

    Those pictures are AMAZING! Seriously you should enter some of them in a contest! I totally started to cry when I saw the first one of Rita-I so love that woman. She embodies everything that is good in life. I'm glad you guys had such a good time. Everyone looks great.

  • Anonymous

    It's already been said, but those pictures are wonderful!!! It looks like you guys had a great time! I think if I ever want to do a family photo shoot, I'll hire you! 🙂

  • Rita Lows

    I shall be forever grateful for this beautiful presentation of our reunion. Vanessa, you have a gift for pulling the pictures and narrative together to give the true feel of our week together. Thank you for keeping the story alive! Thank you, Katie and Vanessa, for your kind words, but who wouldn't look good in the eyes of you sweet girls!! Praise the Lord-He even makes me look good!!

  • HgsWtj

    Hello, Vanessa! I'm a friend of Jared's. Beautiful family and wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    You have quite the eye for composition. You should enter some of these into a photo contest. 🙂


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