Everyone who knows me, knows I love to celebrate my birthday. This can be a challenge for my dearest husband Jared. But he usually fares well since I just tell him what I want to do every year! :p

Since I love my birthday, I want my family to love theirs. The best way I can help them have a great birthday, is to make them a cake with “LOOOOOVE” in it! Some years are more successful than others but I thought I’d share some of the past years’ Celebration Cakes with all of you……

Dig in!!! 🙂


This was Walker’s 1st birthday. His nursery was decorated in Bumble Bees …… so that’s where I got my inspiration for his cake. Not too bad for my first “theme” cake. But I definitely could improve.

This is Walker’s 2nd birthday cake. All boys love Choo-Choo-Trains! Thomas was huge in our house that year!
This was Walker’s 3rd birthday. Race cars are cool!
Walker’s 4th birthday was a challenge. We had just gotten home from the hospital with Eli after he’d been admitted for 2 weeks with Intussusception. So I had to do a more simple cake. It had Spider-man on it and he was happy just the same! 🙂

This was Walker’s baptism cake. The focus of this cake was more about the taste than the look. He LOVES blueberries so I had to create a blueberry cake for him. I thought it was going to be gross….but it actually was pretty darn tasty. Everyone complimented on how good it was, so I was thrilled it turned out well. It’s always a bit scary trying a new recipe on your guests!!!!


Eli’s nursery was decorated in giraffes. So for his 1st birthday I did this Carousel Cake. I love how excited he looks in the background …waiting for his slice!

Eli’s 2nd birthday cake. Old McDonald Had a Farm! (sing it with me) EEEII, EEII, OOOOO! (Or in this case…. EEEli, EEli, OOO! ) This was a fun one to make. I felt like I was back in elementary school creating a diorama or something. I love the little rabbit on the side of the barn chillin out, and the pigs in their mud pit!

Not every year is a winner with a full blown cake. Life happens ya know…. This was Eli’s 3rd birthday. Simple and sweet “Strawberry” (his favorite flavor) cupcakes! MMMMM!!


This was Alayna’s 1st birthday cake. Her nursery was decorated in Sunbonnet Sue, but her baby shower cake was done with her on it, so I took the liberty of using one of my favorite characters for her cake. Tinkerbell!!!!
This was also my first attempt at using fondant. It turned out pretty well, but I can tell where I could have done better. They say practice makes perfect. 🙂

Alayna’s 2nd birthday cake. Anyone that knows my little Laney Bug knows about her bizarre and sometimes disturbing obsession with shoes. So I only found it fitting to make her a Shoe Cake for her birthday!

This was the most recent cake I’ve made for my Mom’s 59th birthday. It was a German Chocolate cake. It was pretty and tasty. I think I’m coming along very nicely!

My Dad’s birthday is next week…..you’ll just have to wait in suspense until then!!!!!


  • Jill Ison

    vanessa, you could do cakes. seriously, you really could. you figured all that out on your own! I see some great potential here. putting fondant on a square cake can be very tricky…. i personally avoid it. way to go.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks…that means a lot coming from Mrs. Culinary School! 😛 It’s a fun hobby. Not sure I could ever do it for real. I have so much yet to learn for sure!!

  • Anonymous

    These cakes are amazing!! I am pretty jealous of you at this point. You do all the things that I WISH I could do better! You quilt, create awesome scrapbooks, and bake beautiful cakes!!

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