The Tree of Life!!

Once upon a time long, long, ago in a far away place called Gilbert. There was a beautiful princess named Vanessa and her prince named Jared. They were very much in love and excitement filled the air.

One afternoon after they finished their studies, they decided to leave the Morrison Castle and go for drive. The roads leaving the castle were very treacherous and it was easy for the chariot to lose control if not driven carefully by the young prince. However, the Prince was over come with the desire to show off for the young Princess and their chariot slid from one side of the road to the other, then the other, and eventually into the well and ….”The Tree of Life!”

The well……

This noble tree saved the young lovers from certain death and destruction of the cottage owned by the Green Family. (Pictured on the right behind The Tree).
As the young coupled climbed out of the dilapidated chariot dazed, hurt, and frightened. They did what they could to compose themselves and walk back to the Morrison Castle, only to have the Queen come home early from her days errands and help the poor couple home.The moral of the story here kids….is no matter how fun it might seem at the time, you must always keep control of your chariot! 🙂This is a true story. The “well” is now repaired and paid for by the Prince. The “tree” still is standing today even though it took quite a blow. The “cottage” thank heaven was undamaged. And the Prince and Princess live Happily Ever After!!

I really want to go back and carve our initials into that part where the branch was cut off..doesn’t it just look like it’s inviting us to do it?

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