Papa & Grandma’s Kitties

My parents went out of town for the weekend and asked Alayna and I to stop by and take care of the kitties and bring in the mail. Alayna LOVES kitties so even though she’s still not feeling well she wanted to go over and help feed them.

“Kitty Momma!!”

She was so thrilled. After laying around all day yesterday I think it brightened her spirits to get out of the house and pay her friends a visit.

Good job baby girl!
I think the kitty was starving. He couldn’t‘ eat it fast enough!All done!

We stayed for a little bit so the kitties wouldn’t be lonely. We told them about our morning and to make sure to keep the house safe while Papa and Grandma are away. We said our good-byes and told them we’d be back tomorrow. Maybe even with a special “Kitty Valentine!”

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