Alayna’s Baby Quilt

There is a theme recently. I finished Alayna’s scrapbook…And I also finally finished her baby quilt this week. I had it completed for the most part. I just needed to finish quilting around each Sun Bonnet Sue.

So here are a few different shots of it…hope you like it! I’m pretty sure Alayna will!! 🙂

This quilt was also the inspiration for her baby shower cake that my friend Jill made for us…

Wasn’t it beautiful? I hope to be as good as her someday!


  • Jill Ison

    i love sun bonnet sue! I have a sun bonnet sue quilt for natalie that i started right after Lucy was born but i havent finished. i always think im really dumb too because I did all the applique squares… the hard part, now i just need to put it all together. duh. but really you did an excellent job.!! plus you finished so thats like an A++++++

  • Anonymous

    Ya you should totally finish the quilt. Seems like we had the same rut going. I did all the hard stuff…just never got to finishing it up. But I’m done now!!!! YAY!!

  • Anonymous

    Haha! I tried quilting out about five years ago, and I enjoyed it, but I just haven’t done it since! My mom is still waiting for me to finish hers! All I have to do is put the back on and finish it… Just another thing I’ll get to someday!

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